Heating and cooling solutions that
change the way you live


A different temperature for every room

Reverse-Cycle Ducted heating and cooling icon

This versatile ducted system will cool your entire home or office space with even air distribution. You can control selected areas to the desired comfort level, making it ideal for medium to large spaces. Available in many sizes and styles, a reverse-cycle system can blend seamlessly into your décor.

Compatible with the MyAir system, you can effortlessly manage the air flow and temperature in different areas from a user-friendly tablet. Ducted air conditioning or ducted heating, our systems can adapt to any preference.


Temperature control for large areas

split system heating and cooling icon

This easy-to-use system is ideal for individual rooms requiring better temperature control. Using a wall-mounted indoor unit connected via tube to an outdoor compressor, this system can heat and cool large areas using a direct fan.

A split-system is typically out of site and out of mind, placed high on wall with a modern design and little noise.


Just like a breeze…

Evaporative cooling icon

Smaller in size, evaporative systems creates a light breeze through your home to keep you fresh and cool during the summer months.

If you have allergies, the evaporative cooling system is perfect for you as it effectively filters pollen and dust particles. Worried about its impact on the environment? Fear not – this system is very energy efficient … and cost effective, too!


Warm up quickly

Ducted Heating icon

With its small indoor vents and an outdoor system, gas-ducted heating provides a strong and consistent heat throughout your home regardless of the outdoor climate.

This heating system provides a cosy warmth that won’t dry your skin or eyes. It’s ability to quickly reach the desired temperature is perfect for those cold winter mornings! Gas-ducted heating is a cost-effective solution to your heating needs.